The Teaching of Balaam

The Message of HyperGrace today is no message of Grace at all. It is the teaching of Balaam. Anyone who believes it will follow the footsteps of Balaam. God is King, and He sits on the Throne. When God sits in the Courtroom of Heaven, He sits on the Throne of Grace. ‭Psalms 89:14 says […]

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The False Gospel of HyperGrace

There is a kind of deception that has lured this generation into fervent deception. This generation thinks they understand Grace more than all the preceding generations by making it look like Grace only began to take fruit in the 21st century. The average Christian believes God would have smacked all of us dead like He

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The Mystery of Comparison II

In the last post, I emphatically stated that when something is to lose its relevance, gain momentum, gain ground, or even shift suddenly; for us to perceive it is based on comparison. Without comparison, not only will our understanding be fragmented, but our perception will be null. What is that all about? Discernment. Discernment Discernment

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