As a girl, you can go months without spending your own money. The guy who thinks you like him will keep trying to shower you with gifts; The guy you have a vibe with supports you financially when you ask; your “work boyfriend” will pay for your lunch; you can keep going on dates with different guys and not pay a dime; the guy you don’t like – but you keep leading on in tiny bits just so he’s willing to help – keeps doing your favours; that sugar daddy who likes you sends you big money once in a while when you call him; the guy who is genuinely willing to help you out financially without asking for anything in return is also there, and your bestie also spends his money with you. You may have gotten them entangled without realizing.

Your boyfriend hasn’t even come into the picture. Not to mention your “financial ministers”. That’s two to five guys you can call to sort you out when you need something.

If it ever crossed your mind that you may be using a guy to feel better or look better, you probably are. No gift in this world is free. It may not come at a price but it comes with a price to pay. Even the gift of salvation. If you have too many guys around you doing favours for you, you may be forming an entanglement that you aren’t aware of. Whether or not they get entangled to you shouldn’t be your problem; you didn’t ask them to. But if you knew what you were doing and saw that the guy is getting it all wrong but you still go on to lead the guy on just because of the “benefits”, you’re creating trouble for yourself.

Leave that married man alone. You’re his stress reliever, so what? Leave that single 30+ guy alone. If there’s no future for the two of you, don’t be leading him across the friendship line. He’s wanting to start a family, for God’s sake. Leave that side nigga alone. He told you he has strong feelings for you and he wants you to leave your boyfriend but you didn’t take him seriously. Well, he’s not joking. Leave that mummy’s boy alone. You turned down that guy’s proposal but you keep asking him for favours. Though you don’t like him, you’ve been watching him give you gifts. Leave that guy who has a crush on you alone. He wanted to be your boyfriend but you haven’t given him an answer yet, yet you call him all the time to let him run errands for you.

Be financially independent, so that no one becomes entitled and/or entangled to you just because of what they do for you. Yes, ask for help when you need it. Help – always remember this – is meant to be assistance, not a dependency. Define the relationship, so that the other party doesn’t get the wrong ideas. Don’t be taking advantage of them simply because they had the wrong assumption. Save yourself from unnecessary entanglements.

I love you ❤️

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