Making it to Hell


Would you believe it if I told you that there’s only one way to hell? Absolutely not! In Jesus’ own words, broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many walk that path. However, the only reason someone would be thrown in hell is that they didn’t accept Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary. “Whoever does not believe is already condemned“. By default, we are all headed towards destruction because the power of sin is greater than the will of man. If you don’t accept Jesus, no matter what you do, you are heading towards destruction.

This is why Jesus is the only way to the Father. He brings us back to the path of righteousness once we acknowledge His sacrifice and accept God’s gift of salvation. Just as there are several ways the Spirit leads people to Jesus, the only way to the Father, all other sins gradually push us to the ultimate sin that sends us to hell; not accepting Jesus as your personal Saviour. Does that make sense to you now? So essentially, no one is going to hell because of fornication. However, the fornicator is going to hell because the sin of fornication blocked his/her heart from continuing to believe in Jesus.

It is very important that we know this. The more you live in sin, the more your heart grows cold till you don’t believe anymore. Why is this important to know this perspective? Because it’s not over for such a person to be reconciled to God once more no matter how far one has walked away. As long as you are alive and have the chance to believe, you are still welcome at home, in the Father’s arms.


God is justified in whatever decision He makes. He does not need to do the right thing. HE IS the right thing. Only He holds the power to right a wrong. Thus, whether He chooses justice on us as the penalty for our sins or chooses freedom for us as a result of Jesus’ death and resurrection, He is justified. Do you understand this? With justice as the foundation of His throne, He has the power to sanction all creation – for falling short – into eternal damnation and still be right for doing so.

“How can a loving God send people to hell?”. Truth is, even if He did send people to hell, He will still be justified for doing so. By rejecting Jesus, we crucify Him a second time and become guilty of an even greater sin. The God who has the power to condemn us is the same God who made the provision to ransom us. Is this stone going to be our cornerstone or our stumbling block? Is the consuming fire going to ignite our hearts for more or burn our souls forever? It is our utmost decision to make, and God respects that.


When I was young, God showed me a simple vision. Perhaps, a very common story you may have heard from somewhere else. Jesus and I were standing in front of a gigantic tree with a huge bottom but an endless apex. There were several people climbing the tree at different heights of the tree, all the way into the clouds. Very typical of trees, the stem of the tree got thinner as one climbed upwards.

At the bottom, there were a lot of people who kept climbing and falling almost immediately. They didn’t feel hurt because they didn’t fall from a great height. Eventually, some of them simply stopped climbing, stuck around for a while and then left. Suddenly, one of the people at the very top lost grip and slipped. He fell heavily from the great height, and couldn’t even stand again.

That is the thing with growth and development. If you are at the early stages of your Christian journey, you are tempted to abuse God’s Grace. Yet, don’t be deceived. God cannot be mocked. You won’t grow to your fullest potential. You will have yourself deceived so much that before you realize it, your heart is far far away from your First Love. When you grow to a certain place, however, you don’t have the luxury of giving the devil a foothold. You can’t afford to backslide when you’ve grown to some extent.

As you walk with God, His Spirit will teach you to stop things you thought were not necessarily wrong. People do not realise that growth didn’t come into the story because of sin. Even before sin, Adam needed to grow. Even in Heaven, we will continue to grow. Growing means increasing our capacity to receive more, experience more and understand more. God stays the same, yet everyday the angels discover something new about Him and sing an even louder hallelujah. So will we!

Are you growing? Or you’re foolishly abusing Grace till your heart grows cold for the things of God? It’s your choice. This choice is either leading you on the Broadway to hell or on the leeway to Heaven. It’s your choice, my dear

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