Honesty vs Transparency

In many contexts, Honesty and Transparency could mean the same thing. They can be used interchangeably in a given linguistic context and certainly do share many similarities. To me, a resounding principle strongly holds in the English Language; if two words are dissimilar in syntax, they can also be dissimilar in semantics. Therefore, as long as Transparency and Honesty are two different words, they can have two distinct meanings. Context is all that matters.

What does it really mean to be honest?

In a relationship, honesty is definitely one of the most important virtues to look out for. There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who keeps lying to you. Constant lying brings about distrust, suspicions and frustrations. Surely, if you can’t trust me enough to tell me the truth, it’s a big red flag.

Being honest is being true and sincere to yourself first about what you really think you are. It has nothing to do with being right. I can be sincere in expressing my thoughts and still be factually wrong. Being honest is really about facing reality – and when we are being honest with others, – being vulnerable enough to open up our way of thinking to others in a more appropriate way. There’s a way of expressing ourselves without downplaying the essence of what we want to say and still tactfully present it in the best way we know how to others to avoid unnecessary drama.

Appropriate way? Unnecessary drama, huh? Let’s talk more about that; honesty is not an emotion. It’s a virtue. Yet in every expression lies an emotion. That’s what emotions basically are; expressions. Therefore, with honesty comes an expression. In other words, you can be impolite and honest at the same time. You can be angry and honest at the same time.

it is possible to be calm and honest at the same time. You can be nervous, grieved, happy, depressed, relaxed, compassionate – to mention but a few – and honest at the same time.

How can honesty be best expressed?

There’s a way to express your honesty without hurting someone intentionally. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear because of the kind of emotion it was expressed in. Not only that. Sometimes the truth is hard to tell because we don’t know what emotion to express it in. Obviously, it’s very difficult to be honest and not be offensive or hurtful, but we shouldn’t express offensive and hurtful emotions and think our honesty will make up for it.

I know situations get more complicated but this is my principle; don’t try NOT to offend anyone. It’s pathetic. Someone will definitely get offended for their own self-projected reasons. On the other hand, don’t try to intentionally offend someone. Comedians say some of the worst things we would have found angering in another context but we rather found it hilarious and had a good laugh about it.

Is Honesty meant to offend?

Let Honesty do the offending. Rather than offending someone and trying to let your honesty make up for it. For instance, you may tell me that my posts are boring. You were being honest but I became offended. That’s great! In the same instance, you try to insult my posts just to offend me, that isn’t honesty. That is subtle hostility. Sir Isaac Newton said it better, “Tact is making a point without making an enemy.”

In the next piece, let’s talk about transparency and what it really means. Don’t forget to like and share.

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