Life: An Endless Paradox

We work harder, yet have low salaries

We travel further, yet have no communities

We have bigger houses yet smaller families

More knowledge yet we know less

More experts, yet more problems

More pills and drugs, yet more people are sick

More technology, yet less communication

More quantity yet less quality

Wealthy people, poor characters

So much in the window, yet nothing in the room

The more we know, the more we know that we don’t know more

The more we have, the more we feel dissatisfied

The more we focus on ourselves, the more selfish we become

The more we help others, the more we lack help

The more we search for things, the more we lose ourselves

Life is simple, yet life is a Paradox

Making things simpler is more difficult than making it complicated

Simple is complicated, and making things complicated is also simple

Emotions cannot be trusted, yet emotions tell us the greatest truths

Faith cannot be proven, yet faith gives us the bravest courage

Boldness is foolishness until it succeeds. If it doesn’t succeed, it remains foolishness

Not seeing miracles make us lack faith, and our lack of faith is what keeps us from seeing miracles

Fools think they’re wise, the proud think they are confident

Those who have the confidence lack the intelligence, and those who have the intelligence lack the confidence

Knowing too little keeps you in bondage, and knowing too much keeps you in bondage

Sleep too little and you’ll wake up tired, sleep too much and you’ll wake up tired

Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed. Expect greatness and you’ll one day receive it

The bigger the hope, the riskier the moment

The sweeter the love, the bigger the heartbreak

The ones that love you the most are the ones that can hurt you the most

Close yourself to bad things, and good things won’t also come in

Open yourself to good things, and some bad things will also come in

Life is a Paradox

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