Knowing Your Purpose, Your Pursuit & Your Passion

Purpose is a simple thing. It’s not any super-spiritual phenomenon that quakes the earth when you tell people. It mostly can be summarised into a simple sentence or even simple words. It’s not far-fetched, hidden in some foreign land and needs years to discover. It’s within you, gradually showing its head in the outcome of your simple decisions.

The first step to knowing your purpose is to start from the general. Are you female? Then it’s your purpose to reproduce and incubate life. You may not give birth and still fulfil this purpose in another way. Are you the firstborn? Then it’s your purpose to take care of your siblings and set the pace for them. It doesn’t mean you have to be the greatest but you definitely need to be a leader. Your purpose is tied to your identity. Know God’s Will for your life according to God’s Word. Are you the light of the world? God desires that you let your light shine to bring glory to Him. If you know who you are in Christ and you let the Word of God come alive in you, you are fulfilling your purpose.

Purpose is not something you fulfil at the peak of your life when your dreams come true. Jesus fulfilled His purpose as a human from the very day He was born till He died. In fact, His utterances, actions, daily decisions, walking paths; everything He did confirm the Word of the Lord spoken about Him in the Old Testament. It’s a daily fulfilment thing that adds up to the ultimate fulfilment. The school you attended was all in God’s plan for you. It determined the kind of people God directed to come into your life. Yet you didn’t overthink it, did you? Of course. Same with every purpose God has for your life. Don’t overthink it.

When it comes to Pursuit, the key is to not pursue many things. If you pursue everything, you pursue nothing. Pursue God firstly and mostly. No pursuit should exceed your pursuit of God, not even the things of God. Some men and women of God have pursued ministry more than God, thinking pursuing ministry meant pursuing God. You can pursue any other thing. Just make sure it’s few and that God is the most pursued. Lastly, pursue with passion. What is a pursuit without passion?

Passion is fuel, not a hobby. Once you realize it’s fuel, you would use it to pursue your goals effortlessly. Passion is a fire that needs to be rekindled time and again. Note: Once you disconnect yourself from purpose, the passion within you begins to die down. Once you pursue something else more than God, you lose your passion for God. To be passionate about the things that do matter to you, remember and reconnect yourself with your purpose. It’s not about what you are passionate about; it’s about what you pour your passion into. If you strike two rocks hard enough, you might spark a fire.

This is my adage for you: Pursue your purpose with passion.

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