Really Perfect or Perfectly Real?

If I had to choose between being real and being perfect, I’d choose being real.

The more you try to be perfect, the more you lose yourself. In our unending chase after perfection, we lose our identity and take on the identity of how things ought to be. How things ought to be is not fully in our control, and perfection is not meant to be chased. The more you run towards it, the farther it runs from you. Trying to make everything perfect will only make things imperfect.

Can you simply be yourself? That’s perfect! It’s effortless, unpretentious and un-exasperating. That’s it. The more you “be” yourself, the more “perfect” you become. Maybe that’s what perfection really stands for; true authenticity. Fully being yourself without any impurities of external influences. Authenticity is the ultimate perfection.

Isn’t it amazing that for all people who have ever lived, are alive and will ever live, there is only one YOU? There is nobody like you and there’ll never be anyone like you. That’s true authenticity; a kind of perfection that can only be divinely orchestrated.

Yes, you may have the same nose as your parents, the same handwriting as a stranger or even the same interest as a friend, but you’re unique and there’s none like you. Yes, you have flaws and shortcomings and have zero talent in certain areas, yet no one comes close to being you.

They can be like you. You can be like them, but your idiosyncrasy is one in 7 billion. None can be compared to you. So why do we try so hard to live like someone else? Let no one pressurize and intimidate you into being someone you’re not. Love who you are just the way you are.

I love you ❤️

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