I Sleep because I Can’t Come and Go and Come and Kill Myself

I always wondered why we needed to sleep every day. Can’t it be like an annual thing? That should tell you something. Humans spend at least a quarter of their lives being asleep. It’s the most activity you would ever do with your life. If you are around 20, you may have slept for a total sum of 5 years already. It’s not a waste of time, to be honest. It’s the most important activity of your body. That’s why if you choose not to sleep for a couple of days, your hypothalamus will automatically induce it.

Priorities & Productivity

So prioritize sleep. Sleep deprivation can literally kill you. If sleep didn’t exist, life would have been about 90% shorter than it already is. See sleep as your body’s way of extending your life. If it was really a priority, it wouldn’t be the first thing you cut off when there’s a deadline. People spend an average of 3 hours a day on their phones but it’s the 6 hours of sleep they want to cut off to work productively. Don’t make it a habit of draining yourself to the point of exhaustion like a low battery.

The most productive people have a good sleep life. It’s not the lack of sleep that makes you a workaholic. There are so many unnecessary activities in the day you could have done away with. Yet, you chose to cut off your sleep time. Lazy people are not those who sleep the most. Lazy people are those who get bored easily and lose focus. It takes mental discipline to be resilient and productive, not lack of sleep. In fact, adequate sleep makes you a better human being; physically, spiritually, mentally. There are more benefits of sleep than any other physical activity.

Glorification of Struggle

There is so much unnoticed glorification of struggle in our society. It’s pretty weird that people boast about how tired they are and how much they have suffered. People can just gather around to talk about how they’ve suffered more as compared to others. Subconsciously, we think that if we struggle, we are destined to succeed. It doesn’t necessarily work that way. It may also account for belittling things people do with effortlessness, like artistic works. The surest end-product of struggle is exhaustion. That’s for sure.

Yes, something good can come out something bad, but that doesn’t mean the bad thing was something good. If I jump off a cliff and people donate to save my life and I end up rich, it doesn’t mean it was good I jumped off the cliff. Please note that, and avoid unnecessary struggles in your life, hoping something good may come out of it.

Lions sleep 18-20 hours a day, yet they are the king of the jungle. It’s not about how much time you spent working. It’s about how much time you were productive. Effort only counts in areas that are necessary. We can spend so much time trying to fix something insignificant that we are out of time to do the needful. Remember that energy rises, peaks and falls. Make sure you are pouring it into an area that counts.

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  1. Wow. I really enjoyed this read. So informative and gripping. Thank youuu
    “Struggling or suffering doesn’t necessarily mean progression.”

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