The Foolishness of God

God’s first foolishness is seen in his outpour of free will to His creation. Why give all heavenly beings free will if it can bring about the possibility of a devil? What makes it an even harder pill to swallow is the fact God knew it would happen. And He literally sets up the stage for it then watches it happen.

God’s second foolishness is seen in His creation of man. If God ever had a weakness, it was us. That’s why the enemy spends all his time trying to destroy us. God literally said that “…whoever touches you touches the pupil of my eye”, and that’s exactly what the enemy wants to do. Human beings are so dumb in the eyes of the powers of darkness. To them, we look like a prince who doesn’t know he’s a prince and lives like a pauper. They’re literally always licking our brains to believe in the dumbest things.

God’s third foolishness is putting that tree in the garden. He put right in the middle, where it cannot be unseen. Then, He tells the man not to eat from it. It’s like telling a kid not to switch on the TV and putting the remote right next to him. It only sparks more curiosity. Did God actually expect Adam not to eat from the tree? If He didn’t, why did God put the tree in the garden?

God’s forth foolishness is dying for the sins of humanity and giving us grace. God must be pretty dumb to think we wouldn’t abuse Grace. Now instead of praying to God for a car for many years, I can steal one in a day then ask for forgiveness. The picture of God in our minds has moved from an always-angry, l-will-strike-you-with-thunder schizophrenic to the Mr Nice Guy literally everyone takes advantage of.

But here is the Truth; God doesn’t need anyone to defend Him. He doesn’t need anyone’s advice. He doesn’t need to explain Himself to anyone. We are too finite to understand His infinite picture. He knows exactly what He’s doing. His Love cannot be taken advantage of and His Grace cannot be abused. The fact that he gave all of us minds of our own and even the ability to argue with Him that he’s wrong doesn’t mean He sometimes doesn’t know what He’s doing.

There’s nothing that has happened; that is happening; that will happen that has taken, is taking and will take God by surprise. He cannot be blamed for our own demises because of His foreknowledge of all things. Sometimes our way of thinking actually equates God to the devil if we think about it carefully. He has the right to punish yet He chooses to admonish love. He allows our mistakes and gives us time to mature. He’s not accountable to anyone but everything is accountable to Him. Though we may be His weakness, He is our strength. Though He gives us the free will to push Him away, He will always hold us close.

“because God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.”

He loves you ❤️

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