The Mystery of Revelation: Whatever Doesn’t Change You Unmakes You

The purpose of revelation is not to get us all hyper and enthused of how deep it is. The purpose of revelation is for transformation. Whatever revelational knowledge that doesn’t change you makes you religious.

It’s not that there are two sides of the same truth, but there’s the complementary side of it that makes the whole truth look contradictory. For example, Grace gives us what we don’t deserve and Mercy doesn’t give us the demise we deserve. Yet, we ought not to be deceived, for we reap whatever we sow. Contradictory? Not! Complementary.

Truth is One, but not all truths are the same. Some truths are greater than the others. Therefore, it is necessary what we emphasize. The truth is One, but within truth, there’s an order. This order of Truth is as important as the entire Truth itself. For example, prosperity is important but not as important as salvation. Therefore, if prosperity becomes the foundation upon which salvation is built, the essence of the Truth of both salvation and prosperity is lost.

Always remember that there’s no bigger revelation than the Cross, for every new revelation emanates from there. The Truth must be laid brick by brick, precept upon precept; built on the right solid foundation. Otherwise, any deeper revelation would rather destroy us and lead us astray rather than take us deeper.

Selah ❤️

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