Is Jesus The Only Way To God?

If God wanted everyone to come to Him, why would he create a narrow path that only a few can thread on? Why won’t He make Himself more accessible?

The problem is not God. Man failed and fell short. We broke our partnership with the divine and tried so hard to be God. We have each turned to follow our own downward path. Each time God tried to establish a way back to Himself through one man or the other, they failed Him and directed everyone to themselves.
So guess what? God decided to do it Himself. Since through one man – Adam – man fell, it was only through another “Adam” that man could be reconciled with His Creator. So the Son of God became the Son of Man so that the sons of men will become the sons of God.

Jesus was the only man who fully walked with God and obeyed every ordained Word of God, thereby establishing the path back to God. By reconciling everyone to Himself, He had reconciled everyone back to God, for He is God Himself.
But hei…this is the Good News; there’s only one way to God: Jesus, but there are many ways to Jesus through the Holy Spirit.
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  1. I love you too, Daniel Good.
    Bless your heart brethren, and thank you for all that you do for the Body of Christ.
    Hey, I look forward to meet with you one of these days: for a worthwhile chat. I know it sure will.

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