7 Keys to Unlocking the Mystery of Time & Money

In the grand tapestry of life, one philosophy serves as a compass, guiding us through the delicate dance between our fleeting hours and the allure of wealth. It reads; “Time is Money”. Time is spent. Money is spent. However, while money can be earned and spent, time is a currency that once spent, cannot be regained. For lack of space, I’m not able to fully explain how I could. The reader will only fully benefit if they meditate on each key to understand these deep mysteries. Let’s explore the mysterious relationship between time and money.

Key 1: True Riches is How You Spend Time

Poor people see time as an insignia of wishful hope for better days. The rich see time as a ticking clock and envision it as a treasure chest, brimming with golden opportunities waiting to be seized. By observing the rich, you’d realize what they CAN’T afford to give out just like that is their time. Wealthy people have spare money but even for them, there is no spare time. Therefore, the mindset of a rich person – even if he/she has no money yet – is a wise expenditure of time.

Key 2: Spending and Saving

“Don’t spend time to save money; spend money to save time.” It’s akin to stepping into a magical portal where each money spent becomes a ticket to reclaim stolen moments. Imagine outsourcing mundane tasks to free up your schedule, transforming the mundane into moments of joy. Money becomes the key to unlocking the door to a more enriched existence. This should be one of your utmost reasons for becoming rich. Outsource tasks that are a sheer accumulation of time wastage in the long run.

Key 3: Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources

And here’s the paradox: “You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time.” As we chase the elusive currency of life, let’s not forget that time, once slipped away, is a phantom we can never recapture. The art lies in realizing that every penny earned should be an investment in the currency of experience, memories, and fulfilment, for these are the treasures that make time/life meaningful.

Key 4: Chasing Money = Wasting Time

“Don’t let a money-making deal cause you to waste time”. Picture a bustling marketplace where deals abound, promising riches beyond measure. Yet, hidden amidst the glittering gems are deals that, though showering us with gold, stealthily steal away the pearls of our time. A sage piece of advice echoes through the crowd: be wise, for not all that glitters is worth the ticking seconds of your life.

Key 5: Both Money and Time Are Tools

Young people care more about money because they feel they have more time. They should rather care about purpose. Envision a vibrant carnival where the young revel in the belief that time is an endless carousel. Yet, amidst the laughter and bright lights, a call rings out—focus not solely on the glittering prizes of wealth, but on the purpose that propels you forward. Purpose, like a magnetic force, attracts not just provision but a wealth of experiences that money alone cannot buy.

Key 6: Priority is Key

In the timeless words, “Seek ye first…and all others shall be added,” envision a guiding star illuminating the path to a richer existence. It’s not about accumulating wealth for its sake but about pursuing purpose. Purpose, like a skilled alchemist, has the power to transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary, turning the mundane into gold and laying the foundation for a life truly well-lived.

Key 7: Provision is Only Made for Purpose

And so, the grand crescendo of this symphony of philosophy reaches its pinnacle: “Anyone fulfilling purpose eventually becomes rich until they become wealthy.” There is no single wealthy person who isn’t solving a problem. Imagine a garden where purpose blooms into a lush landscape, each blossom a testament to a life well-lived. The paradox is unveiled — chasing purpose and time becomes not an adversary but a steadfast ally, ushering in riches beyond the narrow confines of monetary wealth.

You don’t need more time to fulfil your purpose. Many did it in the very few years they lived. You don’t need more money to fulfil your purpose. In many cases, you just need to start and provision will soon be in your favour. In this grand narrative of time and money, let the melody of purpose guide our steps, as we waltz through the ephemeral beauty of existence, realizing that true wealth is woven into the fabric of a purposeful life.

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