Understanding Understanding

In understanding something, we normally want to differentiate it from all others and see it’s uniqueness. It’s good. We begin our question with, “what’s the difference between…” and there we go. What’s the difference between faith and belief, courage and confidence, arrogance and pride…and the list goes on and on.

What if I told you that full understanding is not in the differentiation but in the integration?

Certainly, full understanding is not just in the differentiation but also in the integration. That is to say the deeper you go, the more integrated everything is.

Try dissecting the human skin. The deeper you go, the more integrated everything is.

Try dissecting an onion, digging up a place or researching on human skin.

Moreover, surgeons will tell you that though a part of the body can be understood when separated, a full understanding is when you see the part in the integral whole coordinating with all the other parts as one body.

We can apply this understanding to the Body of Christ. Don’t go crying on God to know which mantle you carry or anointing you have or “office” you belong to. “Lord, am I a prophet or an evangelist?”. No! You would have missed the entire purpose of ministry.

It is a whole new world of discovery out there. The technology industry has got this understanding and is integrating new stuff; your phone has a flashlight, radio, camera, notepad, tv, telephone and what not integrated into it.

The technology industry is now integrating old inventions into new multi-purpose ones

Full understanding is not the end in itself; It’s a means to a whole new beginning. It can be applied to virtually anything. Try it in your studies. For instance, when you’re reading the Bible, perceive the entire forest before identifying the individual trees. Therefore, understand the central theme, the bigger picture, before dissecting the details. In that way, your understanding is fruitful, confusion becomes an illusion; it will not be based on single verses pulled out of context.

This is important in understanding every series on this blog. Are you ready for this?

I love you ♥

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