How To Understand Women

Life without females would be a pain in the ass, literally! Though they make situations a bit more difficult than they’re supposed to be, they make life much more interesting than it would have been. They add a little more extra everywhere. They may be a little more extreme but definitely quite distinct and super …

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“The Enduring Legacy of Mothers: Embracing the Epitome of Love”

In a small village nestled with tender-loving mothers amidst rolling hills and meandering streams, there lived a remarkable woman named Gertrude. She was a mother to six beautiful children and embodied the essence of the acronym M.O.T.H.E.R. Gertrude was an exceptional manageress of her household. With precision and care, she orchestrated the daily tasks, ensuring …

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Does the Bible Inferioriate Women?

One may ask after reading what the New Testament letters got to say about women, “was Paul trying to downgrade the place of women?”.

Submission & Feminism

Is one who believes in submission a misogynist? Certainly not. Is a feminist meant to be unsubmissive? I beg to differ. Wherein lies the cutting line between them then?

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