The Pause

It’s time already

The whole world stops to stare

My heart skips a beat

As you walk into the door of my heart

The pulse

It accelerates to keep me from dying from your elegance

My hands cringe as my soul clings to the rhythm

With you, the world neither spins nor twists and turns

The winds quieten as I feel your breath flow into mine

The paws

The pause increases my pulse as your paws scratch my hair

Our lips dance as all of Heaven kisses the face of the earth

I waited so long for this day, and it was worth the wait

Stop reading between the lines, there’s nothing here to see

The pores

Open your heart, close your eyes

Open the dance floor, up close let’s dance

Though we are very close, we are so open to each other

Though we’d close at some point, let’s leave it open

The pours

My heart glows in ways I can’t understand

It gushes forth with pure affection for you

I enjoy your company, I know you enjoy mine too

On a more serious note, I do not want this to end

The pause

Please press play, remind me of my busy schedules once more

Before I fall flat on my face and have you fill all of my mind

Let’s keep it like this, for love suffers at high speeds

We don’t have to press pause on either; we can have each other and with each other face the stress

I love you ❤️

This poem was inspired by the stresses of architecture school and the fun of living. The question is not whether we procrastinate or not. The question is, “what are we procrastinating?” We don’t have to “play” everything. We need to certainly pause at certain points because there are some stages in life we cannot skip. Learn to pause rather than “stop” because you’d wish you could “rewind” to relive those moments. Press forward!

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