Hurt & Pain

One of the lessons we need to learn very quick in life is that we cannot avoid getting hurt.

It Is Okay To Not Be Okay

Lecrae’s song with Kari Jobe “Broken” starts with the verse, “we’re all broken”. It’s true. When you lost that loved one; when your closest friend walked away; when you were insulted or assaulted for no reason; when you were harshly spoken against by family; when you failed that test and your problems piled up, you …

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How To Comfort A Friend

If you are that friend who always listens to other people pour their hearts out (and we all are that friend in one situation or another), how do you comfort without siding with the person’s mistakes he/she is not willing to admit with uncompromising Compassion?

Everyone Hurts

There’s so much hurt in the world. There’s too much pain. Everyone hurts. Sometimes we may not have enough time to cry but we bleed anyways.

The Hard Truth

People only care about you only when they are gaining something from you. People will appreciate you a lot only when you are a beneficiary to them. They will like you as long as you are what they want you to be. And when you suddenly aren’t able to help them, YOU become the bad …

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