Why Would A Loving God Send People to Hell?

“Who created hell in the first place?”


“But why would a Loving God throw you in hell for not believing a set of beliefs? That’s insane.”

“That’s a possible way to look at it, but that way would never make you understand. Let me give you an analogy;

Accusing God for sending people to hell is like accusing a high court judge for sentencing someone to prison. What landed the person in prison; the judge’s verdict or the crime? The crime. The judge didn’t throw the person into prison, the crime did.

God’s system is not flawed. Man’s system rather is. With man’s system, if you commit one criminal offense, you can end up in jail. However, if another with 1000 crimes cannot be proven guilty, the person goes scot-free. With God’s system, no sin can outrun God’s overlook. However, God doesn’t just dump you in hell after giving you just one shot.

Our sins, which are rampant and continuous, have made all of us deserve imprisonment. The Judge, instead of pouring out the full sentence of our evil on us, decided to pardon us and offer us a better life. This offer was available for everyone, for everyone was at fault.

But some still refused the offer because they were angry with the Judge for having a justice system. Others were offended by the Judge’s available pardon for everyone. Therefore, anyone who’ll serve the full sentence of their punishment are not those who committed many sins, but those who rejected the Judge’s grace. Did you get it?”

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