Transitioning into a New Phase of Life

Life comes in phases till it’s time to face death. The phases of life come with different expectations, experiences and expertise. The phases are not necessarily the same for everyone. They don’t even have to be. They are triggered by circumstances like the loss of a close relative, caused by needless casualties like mistakenly getting pregnant or happen as a result of a particular stage you have entered into, like getting married.

There is absolutely one thing that a new phase brings us; perspective. You don’t judge people anymore for their actions because – though you do not condone their wrong actions – you understand why they took such an action. You do understand that life is brutal and not just cheap talk. Now you appreciate the little things. In transitioning, you realize other people’s journeys. Now you see your story in a new chapter.

Leaving the last phase makes you evaluate your life to see whether you made the most of it. You met some people you won’t meet again. Did you make the necessary impact? What will you be remembered for? What mark did you leave? Did you make the right choices that came with that phase? Did you make friends that you would move into the next phase? It is such evaluation that makes us make the most out of life. Things like purpose, relevance, survival and necessity become the priority of life.

There are very few needful things in life. All others are excess. The transition pushes our reality back to the necessities of life, a perspective that moulds our actions in the present phase we find ourselves. The power of a changed mindset, the presence of unforeseen circumstances, the unpredictability of life, the survival instincts of reality, the essence of living; a new perspective.

In your new phase, what have you realised about life while transitioning?

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