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If you wanna Excel, choose his Office. Your dissertation? You will excel but he won’t bother reading. He is Essel for a reason. Your studio? Well, he will rush ya. Nigga studied in Russia. Worked his ass off over there. After school, you will be remember what Essel learnt and it’s all excellent.

From DK to PK, the swag increased like T-Pain. But his perfectionism for the research will give you just that; “ti” pain (headache). He’s got great ideas to revolutionize the department, but he didn’t realize what depart meant.

Lois, are you going to Miss Asmah? Oh there is she comes. Will you miss us, Ma? You help us a lot. You take under your wings. Not to Rwanda though. Rhanda, Pokuaa and Baffoe. All they say is thank you loads.

How can I be assigned to someone who’s barely around? Is it compulsory to supervise if he’ll be almost always absent? ‘Cause this man is super busy. He’s all over the place. He’s Assassie. He can sweep me off my feet and leave me hanging. Spare me the insolence of your pedagogy, Sir, I just want to graduate.

Going to his office can make you sick like you had a mouthful. Call a doctor, Marful. He disgusts me. Said it plainly that I am failing. Well, I failed failing so I guess I’m a success. An ironic plot twist though ‘cause it’s a virtual graduation but we virtually didn’t graduate.

Let’s remember all those hard times in studio. Jury marks are only Incomplete, D,C. You’ll Marvel. So this stress who go help me? Thor, Tini anaa Fury (or Fury)? Or make Jesus come so say we go skip jury? You’re not alone. You have 43 disciples. So intimidating and shouting ɛna nti me dating ɛɛbegu? (‘cause of this, my relationship risks being ended?). Well, take a good look back ‘cause you made it through. Yɛ Dzidza bi wɔ hɔ (though we left Dzidza), we pray, come next year, it will be his turn too.

Congratulations, class of 2020

P.S. This piece is about architecture school. I took a different turn to add some variety to the contents of Resonance. I hope you loved it. Please leave a comment of your favorite line 🙃

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