Finding Your Path, Your Place & Your People


Life promises you so much beyond your imagination on the day of your arrival. Literally everyone has a clean sheet and a bright future. However, we stepped in blind from a dark womb. Our own cry puzzles us. Aren’t we supposed to be happy to be born? And this one that I’ve caused such extreme pain, why is she pretending to be happy? Will it cause similar pain to leave this realm?

It didn’t take me long to know that life is a driver, who has no idea where he’s taking me. Or perhaps, he makes me the driver, having no experience and bumping into situations and circumstances beyond my control well enough before figuring out there are no brakes. To add insult to injury, the steering wheel is as stiff as my thinking. Unable to see the road, my vision is shortsighted. Can’t see the bigger picture, ’cause there are so many details in the little I can see.

After being able to figure out how to drive after so many mistakes, pain and hurt, I realise I’m in the middle of one gigantic labyrinth with so many drivers as reckless and clueless as me. When you do not know where you’re going, any road will take you there. I try to find my path. Once in a while, I take a hit from other vehicles. Some leave a permanent scar on my skin. Some, just a bruise. All take so long to heal.

What we all have in common is brokenness. No matter how careful or reckless you are, it’s indubitably inevitable.

Many begin to follow my tracks. Little do they know that U have no idea where I’m headed. With time we each began to find our path. Some, much earlier; others, a little later. And oh, the joy of riding in my own lane, competing with no one as no one in their path competes with me. I ask you to take your time to look all around you. What life once promised comes to mind,

Find your path & know your place, the right people will eventually come along

Life is not meant to be figured out. Life is meant to be lived. In the end, it will all make sense. For the time being, life is not entitled to make sense to you. God has His own way of connecting dots that we thought weren’t part of the story. So live. Live to the fullest. Live life more abundantly. For when we have life, we can have everything else. But when we lose the Life, we lose everything.

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