Inclinism: Is the World Getting Better or Worse?

“The world as we know it is coming to an end”, says literally everybody who existed in a collapsing world system. Kingdoms have collapsed. Civilizations have been wiped out without a trace. World orders have been eradicated. This era is no different. We all see it. We all can sense it. It wouldn’t come as a surprise at all to the simpleton. The only shock will be how it took a different turn for the world as we know it to end.

Believe you me, world systems have died and have been reborn time and again. People don’t live forever, but concepts do outlive us. There is truly nothing new under the sun. It’s the same old concepts. Once in a while, there is a Mother Theresa who springs up; a Moses, a Messiah, a Mary. Then again, a Hitler also comes up. If you live for a few hundred years you will notice the trend. Same prophecies, same predicaments, different people.

To think we are any different from those in history and then continue in their abominations, hoping for a different predicament is a joke. Pride will destroy you just as much as it destroyed Hitler. To think that it is possible to sideline God and go with our lives is not a new concept, and just like Babel, many more things will divide us. This is the best and worst time to live in history, and it does get any better and worse than this. In fact, the more progress we make in one area, the more other areas in society retrogresses.

Smart energy, smart buildings, smartphone, smart TV, smart lock, smart cars, smart gadgets, smart analyses, smart everything yet the dumbest breed of humans exist today. I am not even joking. In 1 AD, humans were only 170 million. Lots of people were born, but lots of them died just as fast. So the population hardly grew. It took about 1800 years for the world population to reach 1 billion. Yet, it took only 12 years for the world population to increase from 6 billion to 7 billion. As for how dumb we have become; the less I talk about it, the better.

One really worse though unpopular predicament of this generation is its loss of sense of community. Already, a little over 50% of the world live in urban areas. By 2050, a whopping 68% of world’s population will be urbanized. Though not a bad thing in itself, urbanization takes away a sense of community. Community becomes society. Due to the numbers, we barely establish any connection with even our neighbours. Thus, we don’t care to treat each other like humans, because we barely know them and barely do we care. Barely! What you have is a society that is connecting huge pieces at the apex but losing on the fundamentals of living.

Our entire life is now built around our work. It even determines where we live. The pre-occupancy with work is worrying, as if nothing can be done about it. For generations, humans used to work for only their sustenance. Nobody worked for another’s benefit, except for foreigners. A man’s labour force consisted of only his family, including that foreigner. Since the industrial revolution, about 80% of the working population work for the 20%. Yet, the quality of life has drastically decreased. Why? It’s simple! Society priortizes work above life’s essentials like relationships and family.

The ambition of humans to build a city above the clouds to overthrow God has taken several forms throughout history. The seven deadly sins are all desires. Think about it! Once they take a hold of you, you simply lose sight of everything except your goal. We do not realize the opportunity cost that comes with our decisions. We sacrificed the environment for our “civilization”. Despite our engrossed knowledge base than any other generation in history, we destroy the environment at will, thinking it can’t possibly backfire.

It seems man is harming the environment more than replenishing it, despite it being God’s first ever command. Remember, the environment does not need humans to thrive and exist. Humans rather need the environment. Global warming, climate change, gross deforestation, destruction of the ozone layer, destroying the Amazon forest, our negligence is slowly catching up with us. We all have the power to make a change in our own way. When the opportunity comes, make sure you are fighting on the side of the environment.

Based on statistics, things are getting better. However, the essence of life is slowly gaining on us. Once you get away from all the city noise, put your phone down and take a long walk with no one around but birds chirping, the winds whistling and trees dancing, you will soon realized that you had been avoiding the sound of your own voice whispering from within. It had been whispering, “what is the essence of all these?”. Alright, back to work!

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