Last Weekend of the Decade

It’s the last weekend, not only of the year, but of the decade. Can you believe that? The 2010s has been a bitter sweet journey for me, and certainly a love-hate relationship for many.

T’was so confusing most of the time when it came to the concept of time ironically, especially for those born in the 1990s who have lived in two centuries and three decades and aren’t even 30 yet. To us, the year 2000 was 20 years ago and 1980 also seem like 20 years ago lmao. Would you believe it if I told you 2007 was 12 years ago?

Hopefully, this new decade will re-orient our concept of time.

The decade saw massive improvements in technology, creativity, global communication and networking, healthcare and whatnots. Homicide rates have fallen, more people are educated, the fight for equality has made more impact, maternal mortality rates have declined, even access to the internet has increased over the past decade.

Is the world getting better or worse? Well, the world is getting better and worse. It also revealed an ugly truth we don’t want to admit; the fact that certain things we’d thought would be eradicated by now still exists in our midst; extreme poverty, extreme hunger, white supremacy, racism, climate change, dictatorship, “religious extremism” and the likes.

The decade also saw the death of impactful world changers and the rise of many others. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in our world today. More people have a voice, a platform, a say. Hopefully, the next decade comes with its own exciting journey into challenging our boundaries of what’s possible and what’s not.

Why don’t you share with me what you think the highlights of the decade were. I’d also like to know your expectations for the coming year and decade.

I love you ❤️

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