Cultivating your Peace, Patience & Philanthropy

I walked into a store with unending rows of colourful fruits and produce. I just didn’t know what to pick. Everything looked so pleasing and satisfying. In fact, I wanted everything at the store. I went to the counter to negotiate if such a transaction was possible. In my spirit, I knew that I knew in my heart of hearts that the young man with bright countenance behind the counter was Jesus. He asked me with a still small voice, “what is your heart desire?”. I hesitated a bit to think whether what I had in mind was also what I had in heart.

I exclaimed, “I want love, and joy, and happiness, and freedom, and peace, and everything on that entire shelf, and that shelf, and that shelf, and everything in the store – for me and for the whole world”. My voice was so loud and the smile on my face, so wide. I was panting with excitement, patiently waiting to see what He would say. He smiled and said, “It’s free”. What He said sparked so much exuberance in me that I screamed, “I want it all”. Looking right into my eyes and smiling gently, He spoke softly once more, “I don’t give out fruits. Only seeds”.

There is no peace in this world, trust me. It all goes downhill immediately you are born. Trouble upon trouble, and bad times last a whole lot longer. Peace is a heavenly ecosystem that does not exist in this world. It is not the absence of war. It is the presence of God. It is the stillness of the soul, and this stillness is only produced in the souls of those who spend time with God. Peace is a piece of God. This piece grows in our hearts and eventually fills our minds. Peace is a fruit, not a seed. It cannot be imparted. It cannot be given as a fruit. It can only be cultivated into a fruit. You want peace? Spend time in God’s presence.

Where there is patience, there is peace. Why? Because what you hold on to by faith defies what you see by sight. Patience needs the seed of knowledge to bear fruit. It’s not just head knowledge. It’s an epignosis. It’s the kind of knowledge that makes you patient in hard times, “for we know that all things work together for good”. Patience is only produced in one who holds on to the Seed (the Word of God) of promise until its manifestation. It is trusting in the dark what God told you in the light. If you don’t believe that God has a bigger plan for you than the one that just fell apart, you cannot be patient. You need to hear His Voice and hold on to His Word before the raging storms come your way.

There are enough stars in the galaxy for every species on planet Earth, and enough planets for each person. There’s definitely got to be a reason why we are all here. The very first metaphor God used for humans was a tree. As a tree, we are seed-bearing fruits. Within every man is a seed, and a woman a “fertile land”, to bear the fruit of the womb. The fruit borne produces more seeds if he be a man. That’s not just the cycle of reproduction. It is also the law of multiplication. We are meant to produce after our own kind in every good way. Reproduce love in your relationships. Reproduce your joy in other people’s lives. Reproduce peace into their situations. Reproduce your life. That is the reason we are all here. To multiply and fill the earth. With love, kindness, peace, joy, faithfulness, and every good seed God has sown into our lives. Sow seeds into people’s lives.

I love you ❤️

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