Reach for Greatness: Unbecoming an Epitome of a Mediocre Lifestyle

Has anyone ever spoken ill of you? Have you ever been cornered and criticized unfairly? The person or group of people will gather around and spew hurtful words on you and it hits you like a tornado. It dampens your mood and you feel so low and really irritated. And if what they are saying is not even true, it is even more hurtful. As if spears came out of their mouths and pierced right into your heart.

We may never talk to such people again and definitely won’t be as close to them as we used to be. If such a group happens to be your family, your self-esteem becomes so low and resentment builds up within you. Though eventually you’ll be fine, it doesn’t take away the fact that it hurt you deeply and left you bitter. That is not even the most interesting aspect yet. This is it; do you know we do this to yourselves every now and then?

We beat ourselves up internally. We are so hard on ourselves for literally insignificant things. We dampen our mood and leave ourselves helpless while convincing ourselves that we deserve this mental and emotional self-punishment. We are so “over-aware” of our flaws and mishaps. Our shortcomings and failures never leave any self-analysis we make. Though people are not right to do it to us, it is meaningless that we think we deserve it when we do it to ourselves. Thus, our egos keep on increasing while our self-esteem drops like food in the oesophagus.

What are you beating yourself up for? You must be hard on yourself for important things, yes, but do you need to be so hard on yourself for the same damn thing for so long? We speak 150-300 per minute to ourselves everyday. It is called self-talk. That is about 50,000 words a day. 70% of our self-talk is subconscious, and about 70% of everything we say to ourselves is negative. 95% of what we say is repeated most of the time. Just imagine how you keep telling yourself in your mind all the time that you’re not good enough.

Why are you always speaking low about yourself? You know everyone’s strengths and strongholds but do you even consider yours? You’re always putting yourself in a constant state of “not measuring up” that you don’t even feel as fulfilled when you live up to your expectations. Yes, you don’t need to lower your standards. That will gradually lead you to another form of mediocrity. Rather, use the energy you would have used to condemn yourself for not reaching your targets to push yourself up harder the next time.

Don’t take life too seriously. Even movie monsters have a good laugh sometimes. You’re not wasting your life when you take a long break. Life is not about crossing all the T’s and dotting the I’s. It is more about having people around you who want to see you win and are there to celebrate you when you do. If you want to reach out for greatness, stop limiting yourself in your own mind. Stop speaking ill of yourself. “As for me, I’m not that good o, it is so-and-so that is good.” Your self-talk is always about what you can’t do, how you’re not that good, and why you can’t do it. False humility is true pride.

You’re amazing. Your nose shape is beautiful, trust me. You have such a lovely voice. You have the courage to be a public speaker. You’re good enough. You’re strong. You’re wise. You’re decisive. You’re loved. You’re cherished. You’re capable. Nevertheless, always remember this: Until you believe it about yourself, you’ll never believe anyone who tells you no matter how many times they tell you.

How do you see yourself? 🤔

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