Is It Even Necessary to Go to School in Our World Today?

There is always new medical research that helps us live longer, a brand new technology that changes our lifestyle, and a new software app more interesting than our schooling system. Perhaps, it’s because the school system has barely changed. Let me not bore you with the details of the early formal schools but trust me, there is barely any drastic changes within those four walls of the classroom. The schooling system is slowly catching up with modern-day technology, let’s admit. However, the relevance of the things we are taught – and more importantly, not taught – is where the actual problem is. Oh, this is up for debate!

School is Not so Bad, Trust Me

Count all the friends you have. 80% of them, you met in school. Your acquaintances? Same percentage. School has always been the foundation for our lives. Being together with people in the same age group who are figuring out their lives like you are. Sounds interesting. Your values, perceptions, attitudes, lifestyle, interpersonal relations, opinions. These are things you pick up from school. Children go to school so early in their lives that whatever “foundation” that was laid at home can be made or unmade in school.

Forget about everything for a second. This system of school is responsible for 80% of your life; food habits, social skills, vocal expression, some of your greatest memories, even your most embarrassing moments. Enjoy your first 20+ years in school well. Don’t wait till you’re working a 9 to 5 routine to acknowledge how dynamic school was. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Life is Mathematics

One of the ways people bash school is weaning that they never used y=mx+c – or any other mathematical formula for that matter – in real life. Why is school teaching you calculus and not how to do your taxes? Well, first of all, who said we don’t use mathematical formulae in our everyday lives? Did you cross the road yesterday? Your mind subconsciously did all the necessary calculations. Have you climbed the stairs, kicked a ball into a net, dodged something thrown at you, guessed the time you would be able to reach your destination or put food in your mouth? See, all these were calculations your brains made. It just didn’t “show working”.

Isaac Newton said it better, “every problem – and for that matter, every solution – is mathematical in nature”. In other words, everything can be mathematically expressed. A formula can be derived for everything. Google it, there is a mathematical equation for gravity, motion, love, even music. You never knew you had a brain till you learnt about it in school. Mind you, you wouldn’t have ever known you had one because you can’t see your brain and be alive at the same time. What’s the point? School taught you what you knew without knowing you knew. Must have been interesting for your brain to understand what a brain is and what it does.

the Real Essence

Even though you’re not going to apply half of the things you learn directly in your life, trust me, you’ll apply them indirectly all the time. Especially the ones that stick with you. All knowledge – applicable or non-applicable – is important. School has expanded our brains in ways no other societal body could have. In school, we are exposed to more opportunities and aspects. Eventually, we discover what we really resonate with and understand the most. Though we may rather choose to go into a field that earns us more income instead of a field we love – another dilemma of life – it was a school that exposed us to them all.

So the question now is, why do we need to bash school? The theory is too much? The stress is overwhelming? It’s too much hard work, which is meant to be an archaic concept? Let’s talk more about this next weekend. Do you agree or not? Let’s hear what you think in the comments section.

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  1. Great piece
    School has really helped us
    And is true, we apply all that we learn one way or the other in our daily lives.

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