Soulmate: How to Know If You’ve Found the One

Love is such a wonderful thing when shared by two people. Love can and must be shared by all through all to all. Love has a way of bringing two people together into a different path and a whole new dimension of passion and commitment. Your soulmate must be out there somewhere. Perhaps, they may be a lot closer than you think. 

Friendship becomes the primary selection ground for people who wish to end up with somebody they can grow old with. It’s the safe space of no pretence and manipulation where we can totally be ourselves and be accepted for who we are.

When a solid foundation of friendship has been established and they evolve and grow together.They get to know different chapters in their mate’s life. However, there is one part of it all that cannot be skipped: there are instances that one of them would ask if their mate is the right person for them.

It’s a risk. Thus, there is a need for clarity of thought and mutual understanding. No one can be sure if his or her mate is the right person unless he or she takes time to think through, ask questions, make inquiries and be settled in the heart this is the one and only. Yes, there is a need to make extra effort to analyze the situation and the person he or she is currently involved with. 

There are some things about how we are that will change over time as we evolve in our thinking and perspective. However, there are certain aspects of us that defines us and will barely change. We are like everyone else in one sense and different from everyone else in another sense. This leads me to the first instance;

1. If the concerned person will get to accept the other person for the bad sides of their personality. How did I possibly think she could be my soulmate?

Obviously, there are certain things the concerned individual may not like about the other person. So in essence, it’s not whether there are certain things you dislike about the person; because there is. It is rather if you are willing to accept how they are. Everyone has bad habits that arise from their personality. It is these same habits that the concerned individual has to deal with. Hence, it would be better to assess if the concerned individual likes what he or she is seeing or if they can tolerate the personality of the other person.

These bad habits actually change over time. That is why there’s a need for relationships in the first place. The other person will not literally be perfect but the fact that the concerned individual can accept whatever the other person is, then, it must be love.

2. If the concerned person will get to accept the other person’s faults or shortcomings not because of some hopes that someday he or she will change, then, it must be the right person.

Does she still think I'm her soulmate?One should realize that accepting somebody should never be conditional. This means that when a person accepts someone who has qualities not included in his or her concept of an ideal mate, it should not be the basis for unnecessary expectations. Because if this is the basis of acceptance, chances are, the concerned individual will only be disappointed and the other person will always be at fault in the relationship.


3. If there are no obstacles that will in time kill the flame of love, then, it must be the right person.

is she my soulmate?

If in the event that an individual finds somebody and they feel that the relationship is finally the real thing, it would still be better to assess if there will be no more impediments that would curb the growth of a wonderful relationship. This simply means that the person should be sure that there will be no elements or factors that will trigger some problems on their relationship in the future like vices, addiction, family problems, previous relationships, etc. If the coast is clear, then, the concerned person has finally found his or her right mate and that in time the relationship will flourish and be successful. 

All of these things boil down to the fact that life is not 100% perfect. People should realize that there are no such things as perfect people. As humans, we are susceptible to mistakes, imperfections, flaws, and whatever weaknesses we are destined to entail in our personality. So, the best thing to use when identifying the right person is a careful analysis of the individual as a whole and not just what the naked eye sees where physical attraction is usually based.

I love you ❤️

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