The Good, the Bad & the Devil

God is good and the devil is bad. A 3-year old can perfectly understand this statement but a 30-year old may have his/her own doubts. How can such a simple statement be so difficult to understand? That’s because sometimes the devil is more real to us than God is. Not just that; sometimes our insinuations make it look like God and the devil are the same person.

Even worse, sometimes we make God look like the devil’s accomplice, allowing evil to befall us as He looks on unconcerned. On one side we blame God and on the other side, we revere the devil more than God. No doubt the “God is good, and the devil is bad” statement is becoming a hard pill to swallow. Good is the new bad or bad is the new good?

People are so bent on believing that God is not always good that they will be tempted to believe that the devil is sometimes good as if they are the determiners of what is good and bad. God is good. The devil is bad. It’s not just their acts, it’s their lifestyle. No matter what God does, it’s good. No matter how bad it looks, it turns to good. Who could have imagined that dirt would look so good in a crop top and high waist jeans? lol

In the same vein, no matter what the devil does, it’s bad. He doesn’t have the ability to do good. No matter how good it looks, it turns to bad. He’s accursed. In fact, that’s the same curse that worked its way and spread throughout the earth when the portal of sin was opened. Everything in its natural state will eventually corrupt. No matter how beautiful a flower is, it will begin to decay and suffer death as its wage.

The same logic that makes us confuse good with bad is the same one that makes us confuse love with lust, confidence with arrogance, sustenance with greed and so on. It is important to understand that good and bad takes their roots in love and hate respectively. If God’s Love for us and the devil’s hate for us has been downplayed in our thinking, obviously it will be hard to understand who is good and why He’s good and vice versa.

Since you’ve heard time and again why God loves you, how about I tell you why the devil hates you?

The devil wanted so bad to be like God (Isaiah 11:14) that he convinced a third of the angels in heaven that God is bad to make him look good. Before God humbled Him, He made man in His image and likeness. Do you get it? What the devil was dying to be, God put it in dirt and multiplied it all over the earth. God made man what the devil wants to be.

The devil was thrown down to earth only to be teased and terrified by the very people with the deity of the Godhead dwelling within them. No wonder He hates your guts so much. Any good he does for you is an attempt to exchange for the authority you have as the firstborn and heir to the inheritance of God, the very thing Jesus made you. Remember Esau.

Now you not only know why God loves you so much, but you also know why the devil hates you so much. God created you to be more superior to the devil. It should make you more confident as a being and also cautious enough to not hand over your authority to it. So live life knowing that not only is the devil under your feet, but good God is on your side. Isn’t God good?

I love you ❤️

4 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad & the Devil”

  1. This is so beautiful.
    I’m certainly living my life knowing god is on my side.
    Thank you for this❤️

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