The Mystery of Comparison IV: Comparing Yourself with Others

God is Daniyyel. He is the One who vindicates. The Office of the Judge only belongs to deities who hold the perfect balance to wield authority in determining what is good and evil. That is why in the physical realm, no one is above the Law. The judge at our law court holds no authority unless the one given to him/her according to the jurisdiction of the land and the laws thereof. The judge’s verdict, therefore, is based on the discretion that only emanates from the laws that govern the judge’s jurisdiction.

God is the Eternal Judge of all, and of course, His case is different. For Him, His Words are law. No other deity in heaven, on earth or under the earth, holds the perfect balance to wield authority in determining good and evil. This is the sin Lucifer committed (by comparing himself to God – I will be like the Most High) and caused Adam and Eve to commit when they took the fruit of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil and became like God.

Since then, man has caught himself sometimes jumping onto the Throne of Judgement and wielding the mysteries of comparison to their demise. A sin that seems so innocent and yet has dire consequences that sometimes can not be atoned until its age has ended. Lucifer’s sin consumes him forever, and the consequences of Adam’s sin, although not everlasting, can only end with the end of this age.

If you compare yourself with others who are higher than you…

Low Self-Esteem

It is not wrong to know others who are above you. In fact, by acknowledging those above you, you honour them. It is kings who shall come to your rising. Don’t think that we are all at the same level. Don’t compare yourself with others just because we are at different levels. Avoid both extremes. If it took someone 15 years, it doesn’t mean it will take you 15 years. It doesn’t work like that. By comparing yourself with others who have gone ahead of you, you shoot yourself in the foot even before you start. It is by looking to Jesus that we see our real worth. Look to any other man higher than you, and you’ll only see your low self-esteem.

If you compare yourself with others who are lower than you….


Pride is so foolish, yet it is one of the cardinal sins. Every great man continually had to face the test of pride. For every new level you reach, you must pass the test of pride that comes with it. Everything is to the Glory of God. The only one who can give you Glory is God Himself. If anyone else gives you glory, give it to God immediately, so He would rather give it to you. Pride is giving yourself glory. If you think God will watch you share in a glory He hasn’t given you, then you are mistaken. It’s only a matter of time until you and your pride are destroyed. Pride is the quickest way to destruction. Certain laws need no activation (prayer, giving, declaration etc to activate). One of them is Proverbs 16:18. It will always come to pass without fail, regardless of the one who triggered it.

If you compare yourself with others who are on your level…

False Hope

There is no such thing as being behind others in life. A lot of people look at their peers and draw the weirdest conclusions. Behind who? Who says you are running your race with them? It sounds logical to compare yourself to people like you. It doesn’t make it right. Your truest potential is your comparison to the stature of Christ. The Holy Spirit’s task is that through your yield, you are continually conformed to the image of Christ. It is not even about making it in this life. How long is this life in the first place? Throw away that false hope. We have a hope of Resurrection and a Revealed Glory because His Spirit dwells in us. Christ in you: the Hope of Glory.

Let’s take the other 3 (Anxiety, Complacency, etc) next week, God willing. I hope you learnt a lot. A seed has been sown into the fertility of your heart. Btw I usually don’t “fully” explain the weight of certain words or deep sentences that I write as a way to draw you more to seek the knowledge of God for yourselves. In that way, I don’t become your source of enlightenment, only an insignia. Leave a comment if you can. To be continued…

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