Uncompromising Compassion: How to Remain Sane in an Increasingly Insane World

Once upon a time, life was just simple. Two guys could hug, be madly close and say that they love each other without it being weird. That wasn’t so long ago. Now there are lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, intersexuals, and pansexuals and 99 other “genders”. Soon, it may even be weird for two girls to be around each other or for siblings to be best friends.

Everything was okay till someone wanted to marry someone of the same sex. After that was accepted, now people have fought for the right to marry themselves, animals, and even objects. A man decided to even marry his laptop. Now the whole idea of marriage is lost – and loses its relevance – in this insane mess. So you find people making a big deal out of not marrying and that can easily become an unexplainable societal trend.

One wanted to be transgender; basically being a gender one is not. Then another discovered she could be trans-racial, pretending to be black when she really wasn’t. Now the system is broken. We have trans-disability; people who think they ought to be disabled and behave as such when they actually aren’t. Until when will we realise that being trans is basically trying to be something we originally aren’t?

We pick every other identity that isn’t us except what we are really made to be. In fact, “what we are made to be” is even up for debate. Sexuality has now become a spectrum so fluid that there are “genders” being made up everyday. LGBTQRSTUVWYZ. Yet, it’s amazing we still count health cases according to the two God-made genders. This is not an LGBTQ+ slandering message. The world is in a serious identity crisis. Nothing makes sense anymore. What do we need to do now?

It does matter who hang around with and who you allow into your inner circle; it does matter. Jim Rohn once said that “we are the sum total of the personalities of the five closest people to us“. Thus, the adage, “show me your friend, and I will show you your character”. The Scriptures says, “Don’t be deceived; bad company corrupts good manners.”

When you hang around people who are broken, our compassion makes us feel and understand what they think, but that doesn’t mean that we should take up their mindset. Compassion becomes perversion when we reduce our convictions to embrace the crooked. Christianity is not a calling into isolation, where we isolate ourselves entirely from people due to their negativities; poor, broken, rude, hot-tempered, gay, bully, or naughty. Christianity is not compromise of convictions either.

Many Christians complain to God that people take advantage of their good heart, their compassion, their generosity, when that is not the case. They then want to isolate themselves. Yet we are the Light of the World. It is the deepest darkness that needs the most light. We are that light. No need to squirm and hide your light.

If no isolation at one extreme, then no compromise at other extreme either. People hang out with the poor and then develop a negative attitude against the rich. Pastors accept everyone for who they are, even homosexuals, and then develop a theology that supports homosexuality. How are you bringing light when you become darkness?

Hanging out with people who don’t believe in godly values doesn’t mean we have to take up their conviction. It is wrong to avoid gays because you’re the help from God they need. But it is equally wrong when we try to defend their stance as though it is right. That is NOT compassion. That is compromise.

You don’t have to change your convictions to love a homosexual. You’re not even helping the homosexual when you change your convictions. Jesus had great compassion for the lady who committed adultery and was about to be stoned. Jesus didn’t condemn her. Neither did He support her. Love is NOT Incompassionate compromise. Love is uncompromising Compassion.

The whole sexual crisis in our world today is an identity crisis; be it homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual, transgender, queer or what have you. And just like Jesus did for the adulterous woman, our uncompromising Compassion is what will change their lives for the better. This is the true meaning of unconditional love.

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my Unfailing Love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed”, says the LORD, “who has compassion on you”.
Isaiah 54:10

I love you ❤

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