Vessel of Honour: Becoming Great in the Authenticity of your Design

Becoming successful is an undying trend in the 21st century. This is because of the realization that virtually anybody can become successful. Unlike in past centuries, your success is not primarily dependent on the status of your family, level of education and other social privileges that put a select few at a ridiculously high advantage. This is good news. Anyone can become successful.

However, climbing the ladder of success has become a systematic approach, a mathematical formula, a scientific method. One needs to have something, do something in a certain way, act like a certain kind of person. We seem to have made a god out of the standard for attaining success that people legit think they have to lose themselves to attain it.

What if I told you that the only way you can be great in your unique way is by simply being your authentic self? If you have to be like someone to be great, you will only be an inferior copy of the person. You have unlimited potential to be the greatest version of yourself. Don’t waste it trying to be a duplicate of another person. Nonetheless, you may have some discrepancies that make you feel less of a conqueror;

Maybe you’re dumb

Samson got tied up 3 times by Delilah, who desperately wanted to know the secret of Samson’s strength. Ei so Samson couldn’t figure out that this girl wanted to destroy him? After 3 attempts? Don’t tell me he was blinded by love. Being in love is different from being stupid. Samson had both, yet God used him so mightily. He was blinded by his own lust for a forbidden woman. Nevertheless, how God used Samson is unique and very different from every other Bible character.

Maybe you’re weird

If you’re like me, you probably do some weird shit regularly that leaves people wondering if what they just witnessed was real. You even surprise yourself. Even you yourself cannot figure yourself out, how much more others? Indubitably, that cannot be compared to the weirdest guy of all time; John the Baptist.

He ate locust and wild honey as food, wore camel’s hair and leather belt (Matt 3:4), a kind of fashion that still hasn’t come into style, and lived in the wilderness. Yet, he was so great that “all of Israel went out to meet him”. He was that weird preacher’s kid, coming from a highly religious background. However, when his parents’ friends – the Pharisees – came to be baptized, he called them a brood of vipers. I’m only hoping his parents weren’t so ashamed of him.

Maybe you’re not qualified

Sometimes we disqualify our ownselves. Jeremiah thought he was too young. Yet, one of the best kings in Israel’s history was Josiah. He was only 8 when he became king. You think you’re ugly – bad teeth formation, disproportioned nose, unattractive countenance – so you so shy away from public speaking. You think you’re uglier than Abraham Lincoln without a beard? Lincoln had a bone disease that made him so ugly that a little girl told her to grow a beard when he was running for Senate.

You need to understand that you don’t need to be perfect to be great. Study all the greats in history and you’ll be amazed by their weird shortcomings. That’s why I love the Bible. None of the characters are photoshopped. Moses was a murderer. David was an adulterer. Noah was an alcoholic. Yet, their greatness was unique. Noah was the only righteous man on earth in his time. Moses was the meekest man on earth in his time. David was the man after God’s own heart.

This is a trustworthy saying; God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called. Greatness lies within the authenticity of your design. Nowhere else. So relax yourself in the Potter’s hand. Let Him make you a unique vessel, a masterpiece fashioned beforehand for greatness. Be yourself. You’re great just the way you are.

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