Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Circumstances have nothing to do with morality. You don’t have to deserve what you go through.

Being a good person does not justify that only good things happen to you. The fact that you’re good to other people doesn’t guarantee that others be good to you. Life doesn’t care, really.

When you say, “why do good people go through bad things?”, what do you mean by “good” and “bad“? “Good” people sometimes do bad things, and “bad” people sometimes do good things. What makes a circumstance good or bad; the frequency, quality or personality? What is your yardstick; is it objective or subjective?

It has even been scientifically proven that no situation causes anxiety. It is rather our psychological reaction to the situation that causes anxiety; not the situation itself.

Sometimes we’re going to reap more or less than what we sow. Other times we’re going to reap what we don’t sow no matter what we sow.

Good things don’t happen to bad people. Bad things don’t happen to good people. Things happen to people. The more we embrace this reality, the less entitled we’ll be.

I love you ❤️

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