Believe In Yourself Like No One Else In The World Would

We all know and have heard several times that we should believe in ourselves. The major reason we usually don’t is because we think we know ourselves too well. Some think success will crumble them. Others think it’s good to be lazy sometimes (then sometimes gradually turns into all the time), while some others think consistency will break them. We are our own worst enemy. No one limits us more than we limit ourselves. It’s amazing that of all the things we can choose to think of ourselves, we choose negativity shaped as truths and live by it.

John C. Maxwell once told a story about a school that performed an interesting experiment. They randomly picked a teacher from the teachers’ database and assigned the teacher to randomly picked freshmen, about 30 of them. They met separately with the teacher and said, “we chose you because you’re the best teacher in your field in the entire region. Therefore, we’ve assigned to you the very best students because you deserve the very best. Then they met with the students and said, “we chose you because you’re the best students in one of the best schools in the world. Therefore, we’ve assigned to you the best teacher in the entire region because you deserve nothing but the best.

At the end of the academic year, the selected students’ group performance was 30% higher than the rest of the freshmen. The teacher was really proud of the performance and applauded the students for being the best of the best. The students also were very proud of their achievements but weren’t surprised because they had the best teacher. The board came back and said to the teacher, “we have a confession to make. You actually aren’t the best teacher”.

The teacher somewhat understood and immediately accredited the extraordinary performance to the students. The board then said again, “We have another confession. Your students weren’t necessarily the best. They were randomly selected by a computerized system. Then the teacher asked, “if you randomly selected me and randomly selected the students, why did the students excel? The board concluded wisely, “because you thought they should and they thought they should”.

What happens when you have someone who believes the best about you? You raise the belief in yourself to a higher level. A level higher than yourself. The sky no more becomes the limit. The limit becomes the sky. So are you going to wait till you find someone who believes in you? Life is too short to give that power to someone else. The reason why people live mediocre lives is not because they aim high and miss; it’s that they aim low and hit. So you’d want to examine yourself and realize the standard you’ve set for yourself. If you raise it too high, you’ll always be too hard on yourself, stressed out and feel like an under-achiever. But for most of us, we’ve set it too low so that we don’t feel too bad about ourselves for not trying hard enough.

You need to constantly raise the bar a little in order to consistently grow in ways you never thought possible. It all begins with believing in ourselves. There’s a part of you within you that lies undiscovered because you refuse to jump off the cliff. You’re too sure about yourself, but the truth is you are too complex to understand everything about you. It takes more than a lifetime to know ourselves for sure, so don’t think negatively about yourself all your life based on one or two past circumstances. Your future drastically changes when you change your perception about your own self. Your thoughts will change. Even your thoughts will change and so will your choices and decisions.

Do you want to change? It starts with changing what and how you think about yourself. Believe in yourself. Anyone else’s belief in you is auxiliary. It doesn’t matter who believes in you if you don’t believe in yourself. God believes in you. The universe believes in you. What about you? Do you?

I love you ❤️

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  1. This reminds me of when you brought a design project to me to help you with …at the time I didn’t even believe I could help out but it turned out pretty encouraging… thank you for this king.

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