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By God’s Grace, my first-ever book named “Intercourse with God” was released on the 1st of May, 2024.

Intercourse with God

Foreword by my Mom

This book contains the rank and file of God’s principles of marriage. After reading, you will know about biblical precepts and laws governing it and its application. The book is laid out boldly and easy to understand. You can not stop reading and can enjoy it to the end.l will advise all to read it because marriage is from God. Thanks

Mrs Gertrude Adu Mensah

About the Book

There are 13 chapters in the book;

  • The Institution of Marriage
  • Jesus, our Bridegroom
  • The Bride of Christ
  • The Proposal
  • The Wedding Preparation
  • The Jealous God
  • The Seed (Sperma)
  • Penetration of the Word
  • The Pleasure of Intercourse
  • Pregnancy and Labour
  • Bearing Fruit
  • Illegitimate Fruits
  • God the Father Glorified
  • Wedding Feast of the Lamb
About the Upcoming Ebook: Intercourse with God

About How to Purchase

It does for only GHS 15.00 or $1.00. You can pay with either MoMo or via Card. For a GHS5.00 discount, use “Resonance” as the code. So far, no one has used the code although it is available for only 20 slots. The book is affordable in all countries around the world.

It is under review on Amazon and will be made available soon via Kindle. For my cherished friends in Nigeria who do not have a Visa or MasterCard, I am working around the clock to make it available to you via Mobile Money. To purchase, hit on the book below.

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About the Author

I realised I didn’t write anything of this sort in the book. It wasn’t a sign of “humility”. I think there’s a need for strangers to know the credibility of the book they are about to read. I’ve personally checked out several authors before delving into the book. If you know me, skip this so it doesn’t seem like I am bragging lol.

Daniel Good is a young visionary man with the Spirit of excellence. An architect by profession, his writing abilities encapsulate the heart of mysteries unforetold. His messages seek to reveal, ignite, enwisen, inspire, and empower his generation. “Intercourse with God” is his first ever book and yet there are many more in his loins to bring forth.


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