Knowing The Truth about Love and Having the Love for Truth

Truth is timeless. It is consistent and constant. It does not vary. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Love of Truth is the Truth of Love. One beauty about Love is that it relates to all things like no other. If there is a connection that is infinite, it is Love.

The Love of Truth is the Truth of Love

The only thing deeper than truth is love. Love and truth are the most misunderstood, most controversial, most misinterpreted yet the most needful. There can be differences between anything and everything because of truth. In the same vein, there can be similarities between anything and everything because of love. Both are the web that ties and chains all things as unending and complex as the universe itself. Both are the most unknown, yet the most searched for.

Love rejoices in truth. Truth remains in love. Both are the essence of our highest deepest self. You cannot know one without knowing the other. Once you encounter Love, the truth of it encapsulates your heart beyond description. Without the love and desire for truth, you are bound to be led astray and tossed to-and-fro by the wind.

Love is The Greatest Truth

It’s not that there are two sides of the same truth, but there’s the complementary side of it that makes the whole truth look contradictory. For example, Grace gives us what we don’t deserve and Mercy doesn’t give us the demise we deserve. Yet, we ought not to be deceived, for we reap whatever we sow. Contradictory? Not! Complementary.

Truth is One, but not all truths are the same. Some truths are greater than the others. Therefore, it is necessary what we emphasize. The truth is One, but within truth, there’s an order. This order of Truth is as important as the entire Truth itself. For example, prosperity is important but not as important as salvation. Therefore, if prosperity becomes the foundation upon which salvation is built, the essence of the Truth of both salvation and prosperity is lost.

Love is the Ultimate truth. It is the beginning and the end. It is the author and finisher. It is both the source and the focus of truth. Therefore, truth outside of love ceases to be truth. Just like everything else in the natural order, truth has boundaries, not limitations. The boundary of truth is love. Love is what protects the cell structure of truth. Love is truth. If there was no love, there wouldn’t be a need for truth.

Speaking the Truth in Love & Loving to speak the Truth

There is a difference between speaking the truth in love and loving to speak the truth. If Truth cannot be spoken out of love, then it’s not true. People normally offend others with their words and justify themselves by saying, “but that’s the truth”. The truth is never meant to hurt. It’s meant to heal. Disappointment hurts but Hope restores. And that’s the Truth.

Speaking the truth in love is not the extreme too, where the truth is sugarcoated and made to lose its essence. But there’s the place of pure genuine integrity where the truth is expressed perfectly in Love. That place is Abba’s heart. In fact, that’s where all people are; in Abba’s heart.

It is of no wonder that the Trinity of the Godhead is defined as the embodiment of Truth and Love. In your quest for love or truth, don’t ever forget that love is what ties all truths together, and truth is what makes love essential.

I love you ❤️

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