The Matter of the Truth and the Truth of the Matter

Truth carries weight. It occupies space. It is important in every matter. The fundamentals of understanding boils down to truth. Where there is no truth, there is no trust. In fact, it connects the dots of seemingly unrelated ideas and sits at the core of things known and unknown.

Subjective Truth & Objective Truth

Subjective truth puts us in a box and in bondage; objective truth sets us free. Sometimes what you think you know stops you from knowing what you need to know. When it’s subjective, it blocks our minds from understanding the full picture. We tend to fill in the potholes of our false ideologies because it is frustrating to not know the truth. Truth is complex. Assumptions make it all simple though assumptions are not entirely true.

Sometimes the lie sounds more truthful and the truth sounds like a lie. Those are instances where we choose to lie to make another party understand because the truth is too complicated. Let us be honest; sometimes it is easier to believe a lie because the truth is too hurtful. Thus, we choose to not accept it. Does the truth hurt? Truths hurt in the short-run and brings healing in the long-run. Lies bring a false sense of understanding in the beginning and hurt in the long-run. Yes, the truth may hurt but not as deadly as the lies can.

The Validity of Truth

The truth is true, no matter who says it, believes in it and/or knows it. Majority will always carry the vote but barely will it carry the truth. This is so because truth does not need external validation. Truth is its own validation. 2×2=4, not because the entire world decided to believe it to be so. Mathematics, for instance, was not invented. It was discovered. The numbers and signs were invented and popularly accepted so as to make our understanding of Mathematics easier. However, 2×2=4 no matter where you are in the universe.

As a result, you cannot invent an objective truth. You can only discover it. Once it is invented, it becomes subjective. Truth can neither be created nor destroyed; it is only interpreted in one way or the other. The truth is not about what everyone believes. It is not about what everyone thinks it’s true. If you believe the earth is flat, it does not change the fact that it is not flat. You can’t invent it based on what you believe. If you believe trees don’t exist, trees don’t all of a sudden disappear in thin air because you believe it to be true. The same applies to the person of God.

If anyone asked me what Truth is, I’d say, “the Truth is true, no matter who believes it to be false or true”. Are you searching for Truth or you’re settling for assumptions and lies because it is less complex?

I love you ❤️

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