Unquestionable Answers vs Unanswerable Questions

There will always be more questions than answers. Certain questions do not need answers, because our answers are a failed attempt to express the inexpressible. Not everything needs to be explained; some simply needs to be experienced.

It is better to have unanswerable questions than to have unquestionable answers. Unanswerable questions lead us into wonder, curiosity. Unquestionable answers, on the other hand, is usually an underlying superstition, a cover-up of ignorance.

Unanswerable questions makes us acknowledge our knowledge of ignorance; knowing that we don’t know. Knowing that we don’t know humbles us enough to want to know more. Unquestionable answers often bars us from further inquiries, deeper experiences and tasting to see for ourselves.

Before you assume, ask. Before you answer, question. Sometimes what we think we know stops us from finding out what we ought to know. Answers don’t come to those who guess, it comes to those who search. And though we can never know all there is to know about any particular thing, it shouldn’t stop the curiosity in us from digging deeper.

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