What Makes One Wealthy? God, Hard Work or Wisdom?

The pastor said we should pray to God to bless us financially. Mom said I should work hard in school so I can make a fortune for myself in future. The “financial” Motivational speaker I follow on IG is saying otherwise. Who’s right and what’s right? What Makes One Wealthy? God, Hard Work or Wisdom?

What Makes One Wealthy? God, Hard Work or Wisdom?

From observation, I know for sure it’s not speaking in tongues and attending prophetic conferences that make one rich. Most of the wealthiest people in the world are not even Christians in the first place. Most of the prayerful people I know too are not necessarily rich. In fact, they seem to struggle with their finances. Let’s face the facts. So God is out?

When it comes to hard work, I know for sure that’s what they always say. “How did you become wealthy, O wealthy one?”. I worked hard. It’s all about hard work. Cut the bullshit. You were born into wealth so let’s stop pretending. The richest people in the company do the least work. In fact, their wealth is based on how hard their employees work.

What Makes One Wealthy? God, Hard Work or Wisdom?

Hard work used to work once, I guess. In our world today, it’s about working smart. The first-generation wealthy guys are those who worked smartly on a very simple idea. So it’s wisdom, then? Because wisdom is just an ancient word for working smart.

So what makes one wealthy? Not God because pastors and Christians are poor? Not hard work because CEOs don’t stress but employees work their asses off? Is it wisdom? I don’t think so. There are foolish rich people, just as much as there are wise poor folks. Wealth is not necessarily a measure of how wise someone is.

So even though wisdom is better than strength, those who are wise will be despised if they are poor. What they say will not be appreciated for long.

Ecclesiastes 9:16 NLT

Those who think God maketh rich think it has nothing to do with hard work. Those who think it’s hard work think it has nothing to do with God or religion. Yes, some wealthy folks when asked will tell you it’s only God. The real assumption lies in the fact that we think since one has God, one has material wealth. This makes people sceptical.

If it’s only God, then why are so many Christians poor? Why are the so-called worldly people rich and wealthy? Then there are God folks who will make you feel like wealth doesn’t even matter. Dude, if you wanna be poor, be poor in peace. Stop spreading your poverty mindset.

So what makes one wealthy? In my opinion, it’s very bold of us also to assume that making wealth is about having one of the aforementioned ingredients. That’s my opinion. What do you think? Let’s hear you in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “What Makes One Wealthy? God, Hard Work or Wisdom?”

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  2. Hmmmm
    Very interesting topic

    From the look of things, is the combination of all the three.
    Because sometimes, you can work very hard but still you will need God’s favor to locate the right people to you to help you.

    Let me give an example
    Those who complete university with first class, you can bear with me that it is not all of them who are working or even if they are working, not at a good place. But those who complete with third class and lower, most get good jobs because they are connected and favored.

    In a nut shell, we need all the three. 😊

  3. I’ve thought about it…
    I know few people who are doing well

    The Christian Christian one bought a range last year our mate
    And another our mate..one closed a house deal last year ..also our mate Christian Christian too..he goes to church and serves in church and everything too…

    And the not Christian Christian he works everyday too..also working hard too but his civic this year also our mate

    So yeahh it’s hardworking but with God locating you too..because all that they’re are doing it’s not just hardwork..you can’t just get some projects because you work hard..sometimes it’s who you know

    And the working smart that you people are saying it’s not easy..they still work hard before they can land on that plenty money…probably that plenty research people are not willing to do..and when the person lands that plenty money you say is working smart not hard just because you didn’t use manpower.

    Even the early worm..in order to get there you have to know your stuff right

    And the luck ones…it’s just falls once in a while..hope it falls on me one day..but I can’t sit still and expect that to happen too what if it doesn’t happen so you have to do something

    But all in short, people are working really hard and getting nowhere too.

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