What is Truth? A Philosophical Uptake on the Fundamental of All

There are simple concepts in life that are so beautifully complex. To define them as concepts is even controversial. To call them the fundamental is widely accepted but does it even need wide acceptance to validate its identity? Love, Truth, Light; these are everyday words spelt with just a few words. Yet, in them lies an endless depth of meaning lying to be discovered though they can never be ever fully discovered.

No wonder these “concepts” are tantamount to God. To search for them is to search for God, and to discover them is to encounter the person of God. To define them to the point where it halts you from searching deeper into them is an error in itself that leads to further errors. It’s embedded in our innermost most innate self to search eternally for these.


Everything exists in truth. It is not a subset of it, it’s the identity of any real entity. Thus, for something to be real, it must derive its source from Truth, including lies. Confused? Darkness only exists because light exists. Darkness is not the presence of nothing, it is the absence of Light. Coldness is the absence of heat. Coldness has no S.I. unit because it derives its identity from heat or – put in a better way – the absence of heat.

If truth did not exist, there would be no need for lies. Within every lie is an iota of truth, because a lie must be based on a certain truth. The Truth is One, and based on that, an infinite number of lies can be derived from it. Therefore, there is a surety in the former, and endless opportunities in devising the latter.


In an enlightened world full of devising lies based on already existing truths, the concept of truth being absolute and having that surety is easily becoming an archaic mindset. “Everyone has their own truth. This is mine and that is yours. This is what works for me and that is what works for you.” Is that always even true?

There are no absolute lies. Every lie is true in some sense. Yet this is not true for Truth, in which there is no lie. Are all truths absolute? No, but all Truths are absolutely true. There are no “buts”. There are absolute truths. These truths are true in every universe, dimension, realm and reality. This is why truth is fundamental; because it cuts across every concept, thinking, analogy, dimension and reality.

This has been a mouthful. Reading it over and over will help, trust me. I hope you follow this new True series. I love you ❤️

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