Reality vs Existence

There is a difference between what it is and how we see it. What it is is purely its existence. Our perception of it is our reality. For instance, Greece is a place. It is what it is. Yet, our perception of Greece really differ. To some, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. To others, it’s actually a very racist country. So many factors come into play to shape our reality of the place. One is our very own experiences, another is other people’s experiences. In fact, we could both have the same experience and still have different perceptions. That’s because we get to choose our own reality.

One understanding of existence is it being an objective reality. This means it is not a figment of our imagination or perception. In fact, given the same circumstances, everyone would testify to the same reality. I’ve never come across anyone on planet earth with a sound mind you thinks trees don’t exist.  Existence needs perception but it just doesn’t rely on perception as its evidence. Let me explain. If a tree falls flat in the middle of a forest and there was no animal to hear the sound, the sound was never perceived because the sound was never heard. Did the tree fall? Yes! It is what it is. Thus, the fact that it’s not part of your reality or the fact that you cannot perceive something does not mean it doesn’t exist. 

With reality – in this context, I’m talking about subjective reality – we get to choose what is real to us and what is not. Thus, something can exist outside of our reality. In fact, so many things do. Oxygen was discovered in 1772 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Before then, humans still breathed in oxygen. It existed – it always has – but it just wasn’t part of man’s reality.  We can choose to believe ghosts don’t exist and have a good life without having to worry about them. We can also imagine they exist, but it will be part of only our reality, not everyone else’s. Ghosts can actually exist, don’t get me wrong. The truth is, when you shut something out of your reality, it continues to exist and does everything it does to exist. However, you will lack the ability to perceive it because it is not part of your reality. 

Our mind is a very powerful tool. Inasmuch as we get to create our own customized realities, we don’t have the ability to determine what exists or what does not. Our mind does not possess the power to create existence. Our minds are powerful enough to create a reality of its own but not powerful enough to imagine something directly into existence. We cannot merely think any physical substance into existence. No! You can’t create a flat tummy with your mind. You have to put in the work to achieve the result. A good mindset is a good start and keeps you going but on its own, it’s just wishful thinking. 

Imagination and our subjective reality is a good starting point to see yourself do the impossible. It can help you trick your mind into believing that you are limitless. But after all the chemical reactions in your body are done, you would have to face the objective reality. So don’t abuse the mindset issue. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, but if you don’t do anything about the situation, what exists will still continue to exist. It all starts from a good and positive mindset, but trust me it doesn’t end anywhere there. Nonetheless, create a good reality. It’s one of the few things in life you have control over. 

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